About 1/18 ChroNoiR TEE sales

The ChroNoiR TEE, which was mentioned in the news on this site during the ChroNoiR × vaultroom collaboration the other day, will be sold on the special site CARE PACKAGE operated by vaultroom from 1/18 12PM tomorrow.
Please see below for details.

¥4,400 Tax in

*No stickers or other accessories are included.

sizeM: Length 70cm Width 58cm Shoulder width 53cm Sleeve length 25cm
size L: Length 73cm Width 61cm Shoulder width 55cm Sleeve length 26cm

A unit "ChroNoiR" that belongs to the virtual YouTuber group "Nijisanji" and consists of virtual players "Kanae" and "Kuzuha" who mainly distribute games.
Kano has a white body, Kuzuha has a black body, and a lineup of oversized T-shirts that express the image colors of the two.

・Shipping will start sequentially from January 20th. Please note that arrival may differ depending on the number of orders.
There is a purchase limit of one item per person for each item.
Please note that orders may be canceled if a large quantity is purchased multiple times.
We do not accept cancellations of orders after the order has been placed due to customer convenience (size does not fit, wrong order, different from image, etc.).
・For other notes, please check the "notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" on the site.


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