Requests to customers


Recently, there have been many cases where delivery was not possible due to omission of the delivery address at the time of purchase, and it took time to deliver.
So, once again, we would like to ask our customers.
We would appreciate your cooperation so that we can deliver the products to our customers as quickly as possible and with peace of mind.

Places you want to check

  1. Reconfirm your registered address
  2. Double-confirm your shipping address in Apple Pay
  3. Confirmation of shipping address at the time of purchase
  4. Confirm your registered email address

Regarding ①, there is an address setting in My Account, so please check there and set it again. Until now, the entry method was Western style, and it was a specification that induced incorrect entries, but with the update the other day, it has been changed to a Japanese style specification. Please check again and if there are any mistakes, please reconfigure. In particular, be careful not to forget the address or room number.
If you can set it as your default address here, you will not need to enter your shipping address when purchasing.

Regarding ②, you can check and set the iPhone settings → Wallet and Apple Pay → Shipping address. Please check and reset from the terminal you are using. In particular, be careful not to forget the address or room number.

Regarding ③, please check it from the next time you use it.

Regarding ④, you may have registered an email address that is not in use, and you may not be able to check the purchase confirmation email, shipping notification, or email from the shop.
Currently, it is not possible to change the e-mail address, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but please re-register with the e-mail address you are currently using (which can be confirmed).

In the unlikely event that you find that the address is incorrect after completing your purchase, please contact with your order number and official delivery address.
We will process the change of shipping address immediately.
Please note that you cannot change the shipping address for each order after purchasing on My Page.

*We will notify you by email if we are unable to deliver your order due to your absence or incorrect address input. If the delivery company's storage period expires without a reply and there is no contact for 3 days after that, the cancellation fee of 1000 yen + 30% of the product price + shipping fee will be deducted according to the content of the notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act. We will refund and cancel the reservation.

Below, we will explain the content that was not reflected in the purchase history and that the email was not delivered due to many questions.

[The order confirmation email does not arrive and is not reflected in the purchase history]
Due to the large number of purchases made at one time, many confirmation emails from this site are also sent at once.
In that case, it seems that there are customers who rarely receive emails.
After purchase, the purchase is complete when you see the page with the order # 〇〇〇〇. (I would appreciate it if you could save it as a screenshot just in case.)

Regarding the phenomenon that it is not reflected in the purchase history, it seems that there are many people who made payments mainly with Apple Pay. However, there are cases where even those who have made a normal card payment are not reflected in the history. Regarding this as well, the purchase is completed when the page with the order # 〇〇〇〇 is confirmed after the purchase.

If you cannot confirm the order number page after completing the purchase, it was not reflected in the history even though you made a purchase, or if you did not receive an email, please contact . At that time, if you can let us know your name, phone number, shipping address, etc. at the time of purchase, we can check it more smoothly, so we would appreciate your cooperation.

[If you purchase with Apple Pay, it will not be reflected in the purchase history of the site]
From the start of sales to the present, such events have occurred. As a cause, it turned out that it may not be reflected because it is a different payment from the payment through our site cart.
We are currently working to resolve this issue through a site update.
Please check the payment history on Apple Pay, and if the payment has been made, the purchase has been completed.
Even if you purchased with Apple Pay, the page with the order number will be displayed after completion, so the purchase is completed when you can check it. (I would appreciate it if you could save it as a screenshot just in case)

We are working to improve other problems and troubles, including future site renewals.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but thank you for your continued support of the Vaultroom Shop.

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