vaultroom x ZETA DIVISION

We have created a collaboration item to celebrate the new beginning of ZETA DIVISION.



¥9,900-(Tax in)

sizeL : Length 76cm Width 60cm Shoulder width 56cm Sleeve length 25cm


¥6,600-(Tax in)

[Regarding 7/9 GR8 over-the-counter pre-sale]

*We have written down the following notes so that customers can enjoy shopping on the day.
Thank you for your understanding.

・Please refrain from lining up from the day before or late at night as it may cause inconvenience to nearby residents. Also, on the day of the event, the entrance on the 2.5th floor (below the stairs in the Mt. Genji Terrace) will be the entrance location. Please note that you cannot wait at the front entrance on the 1st floor.
・Please refrain from taking a place as it will inconvenience other customers who are queuing.
Please note that if there is any evidence that it seems that the place has been taken, it will be removed.

・From 10:10 am on July 9th (Friday), a lottery will be held to decide the order of entering the store.
Please gather at the 2.5th floor entrance of Laforet Harajuku (Genjiyama Terrace) from 10:00 am to 10:10 am

We kindly ask for your understanding that we do not allow customers to gather before 10:00 a.m. as it will cause inconvenience to nearby residents.
Also, please note that you will not be permitted to participate in the lottery after 10:10 am for any reason. Similarly, customers who are out of line cannot participate in the lottery.

・The lottery will start after 10:10 am when the line-up is complete.
・The lottery ticket is only for deciding the order of entering the store and is not a purchase ticket.
Even if you have a lottery ticket, you may not be able to purchase it.
・In addition, we will limit the number of people entering the store on the day.

“Regarding purchase restrictions”

・Purchase restrictions will be set after considering the situation on the day.


・Please wear a mask to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please understand that those who do not wear a mask will not be able to participate in the lottery.
・Please cooperate with social distancing when lining up.

・It may be canceled or changed depending on the situation on the day.
・Please take your own food, drink, garbage, etc. with you. Also, Genjiyama Terrace is non-smoking, so please refrain from smoking.
・Reselling of numbered tickets is prohibited.
・Please refrain from trying on clothes on the day of the event.
・Only the person himself/herself can pay for the bill.
・Bulk payment for groups is not supported.
・Please understand that you may be asked to refrain from using your mobile phone when entering the lottery.
・We may refuse to sell to customers who do not follow the staff's instructions.
・Since there is no replacement item available, we will refund the defective item.
・Please note that customers participating in the lottery will be deemed to have accepted the above matters.

Official WeChat ID: gr8_japan01
* There will be no GR8 ONLINE STORE sales. note that.

[Regarding online sales on 7/16]
Black T-shirts will be sold online at the "ZETA DIVISION STORE" and white T-shirts will be sold at the "vaultroom ONLINE STORE" from Friday, July 16th.
* CAP can be purchased at each store


vaultroom ONLINE STORE:

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