Original goods and GR8 limited color T-shirts from Tokyo's invite-only game community "vault room", where professional gamers, celebrities and famous streamers frequent, will be sold at GR8 for the first time in Japan and overseas on June 25th.
"vault room", which started in 2020, has two bases in Tokyo and one base in Fukuoka, where game lovers from not only the game industry but also the fashion, art and music industries gather to hold a unique game community event called VCC. are doing. The number of Twitter followers is about 40,000 in a year, and it is a hot topic of a complete invitation-only game community.
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#LOOK 001

#LOOK001 has been released.
Stylist : RIKU OSHIMA | Photographer : Ryohei Ambo | Model : Shohei Yamashita | Hair make : Kazuma Kimura (skavati)
Please take a look

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VCC PUBG CUSTOM#2 | 6/15 20:00-
Game : PUBG | Number of games : 4 |
Viewpoint : FPP | MAP : ERANGEL
VCC PUBG BIG TEE / BLK will be presented to everyone who participated!
VCC PUBG RING / GOLD will be presented to the winning team!
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6/7号 WWD JAPANの表紙になりました
It's been a little over a year since I created a game room called vaultroom because I wanted to combine games, fashion and culture. I'm really happy.
We also talked about the vaultroom for the first time. I would love for you to read it.
Thanks WWD JAPAN!!!!
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vaultroom x Crazy Raccoon

2021 6/5-6 CR CUP Valorant
"vaultroom x Crazy Raccoon Gaming Setup" as the winning prize
was created.
We are looking forward to the valorant scene becoming even more exciting.

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